Soliddrive.co File Hosting frequently asked questions.
A: Yes, uploading and downloading is 100% Free for all users. We offer premium accounts which allows for greater flexibility with uploading/downloading.
A: Free/non accounts files are kept for 45 days. Premium accounts files are kept for unlimited days.
A: You can upload as many files as you want, as long as each one adheres to the Terms of Service and the maximum file upload size.
A: You may upload the following types of files: apk, avi, doc, exe, flv, gif, jpeg, jpg, m4p, m4v, mkv, mov, mp4, pdf, png, rar, webm, wmv, xml, zip.
A: Each file you upload must be less than 20.00 MB in size for free/non accounts or less than 2.00 GB in size for premium accounts. If it is greater than that amount, your file will be rejected.
A: Yes. Music and video hosting is permitted as long as you own the copyright on the content and it adheres to the terms and conditions.